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How to Teach Children about George Washington on His Birthday

George Washington was a military genius, a statesman, and a patriot. Here's how to teach children about his life.


  • Step 1: Know that Washington was disappointed that political parties were starting to form toward the end of his first term. Discuss his Farewell Address with the kids, and his thoughts on avoiding excessive party splits and geographical distinctions. Now they can celebrate his birthday by having some background knowledge.
  • FACT: George Washington was the only United States president who did not live in the White House.
  • Step 2: Explain that Washington's military strategy was to harass occupying British forces, rather than engaging them in direct combat. Have the students consider why this military strategy was successful. It will teach the children why he was such a successful military mind.
  • Step 3: Create a timeline of Washington's life, tying the events in it to developments in other parts of the world.
  • TIP: Search online for the most reliable biographies, which can be found on .edu and .gov websites.
  • Step 4: Read a biographical essay describing Washington's life. Use the essay as a basis for a story time about Washington.

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