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How to Teach Your Children Responsibility with Virtual Pets

Your virtual pet gets hungry, wants to play, and needs care, just like a real pet. A virtual pet can be useful to show children how much responsibility a real pet is.


  • Step 1: Care for the virtual pet. Make sure your children are taking good care of their virtual pet. Virtual pets can get sick or even run away if they are not properly cared for.
  • Step 2: Take time each day to care for the virtual pet. Don't let your children get so involved with the game that it interrupts regular life. However, if you have them treat their virtual pet like a real pet, they will learn about the demands and responsibilities of taking care of a pet, real or virtual.
  • FACT: When Tamagotchi, one of the first virtual pet games, was first released in 1996, it sold over 40 million units worldwide.
  • Step 3: Use the site's function to take your pets out to use the bathroom. It doesn't having to take the dog out on a cold winter day, but the function helps your child learn about a pet's bathroom needs.
  • Step 4: Play with your pet alongside your child. Children can play with virtual pets using toys and games available on their pet's website.
  • TIP: Download the pet to your computer if you don't want to deal with visiting a site, but be aware that this often means you get fewer options on picking the type of pet.
  • Step 5: Have your children feed their virtual pet. Virtual pets often need to be fed daily. If your children can't feed their pet, they can make arrangements to have their friends help out.
  • TIP: Read the website's privacy policy to make sure it is a safe place for your child to play online.
  • Step 6: Go online with your children and search for a site that offers virtual pets. Help your children register and pick the pet you would get in real life.

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