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How To Tell Your Family and Friends You're Pregnant

Be creative when sharing your excitement about your baby with friends and family.


  • Step 1: Give gifts to your family or friends that include such baby items as bibs and pacifiers.
  • Step 2: Express your excitement and tell your friends and family the good news over a cup of coffee, a holiday dinner, or over the phone. They will be excited for you no matter how they hear the news.
  • FACT: Each year, there are more male than female births in the United States.
  • Step 3: Surprise the grandparents-to-be with a sentimental object displaying the words "grandma" or "grandpa" on it.
  • Step 4: Send notes to friends and family, inviting them to welcome the birth of your child on your due date.
  • TIP: Have the frames decorated with the words uncle, sister, grandpa, or whatever new status they will become.
  • Step 5: Surprise family and friends by interrupting their television shows or movies with a video of your ultrasound.
  • Step 6: Frame your ultrasound pictures and give them as gifts.

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