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How to Throw a Roof Party

Living in an apartment can leave you with limited space for an outdoor party. So why not host the ultimate roof party with fun in the sun and great food, drinks, and music?


  • TIP: Choose foods that can be easily eaten while mingling with friends.
  • Step 1: Stock the bar with a variety of drinks, juices, plenty of cups, ice, napkins, and straws.
  • Step 2: Set the mood with relaxing music, such as jazz or classical. Set out a basket of outdoor amenities, such as bug spray, suntan lotion, and blankets if it gets cold, to make your guests feel comfortable. Enjoy the company, the weather, and the view.
  • FACT: In 2010, Moon, a bar on top of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, was rated one of the top 10 rooftop bars in the world.
  • Step 3: Set up finger foods in a buffet style so your guests can help themselves throughout the night.
  • Step 4: Keep the decorations simple but elegant. Decorate with potted plants, hang lanterns, or place tea lights in translucent bags. Coordinate the tablecloths, cups, plates, and napkins.
  • Step 5: Send your guests invitations three to four weeks in advance. If it is an informal party, an e-card invitation is perfect.
  • TIP: Free e-cards are available online.
  • Step 6: Set up tables and chairs for your guests. If your party is scheduled for a hot day, an umbrella or tent may be needed to protect people from the sun.
  • Step 7: Ask your landlord if your building has an accessible roof and see if you can get permission to use it. Inquire about any rules, codes, or any ordinances limiting the number of people allowed on the roof. Make sure the roof is safe and clean for your guests.

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