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How To Throw an Earth Day Kids' Craft Party

Celebrate Earth Day by throwing a kid's craft party. Set up three stations for the kids to make their Earth Day crafts and let their creativity soar.


  • Step 1: Have the children paint rocks any way they like. They can make a ladybug, a butterfly, or a spider. Let them glue on wiggle eyes and then spray them with acrylic matte sealer.
  • Step 2: End the party with a game and healthy snacks. Then send them home with their own Earth Day crafts. They will be looking forward to next year's party.
  • FACT: Nearly 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day celebration on April 22, 1970.
  • Step 3: Have the children decorate the jug with stickers. Fill the jugs with water and put the tops back on. Have the children water their herbs.
  • TIP: Hammer holes into the tops of the jugs with a screw before the party.
  • TIP: Before the party, sand rough edges on the cans, poke holes into their bottoms with a screwdriver for drainage, and prime them with Gesso.
  • Step 4: Have each child paint their can and decorate it with ribbon and stickers.
  • Step 5: Recycle an old milk container with a handle into a watering can they can use to water their herbs at station two.
  • Step 6: Recycle aluminum cans into an herb pot at one station. Have the children add potting soil to their cans and plant their seeds.

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