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How To Tile With Epoxy Grout

The new generation of epoxy grout is easier to clean up and as durable and stain-resistant as ever.


  • Step 1: Spread the grout quickly over the surface of the tile with the trowel, working in small sections.
  • Step 2: Have a helper follow you, scrubbing each newly grouted section with a plastic or nylon scouring pad and then going over the sections with a sponge and a light vinegar and water solution.
  • Step 3: Don't touch the area and let the grout set for 24 hours.
  • FACT: Did you know? Ancient Romans heated their baths with hot tiles placed under the floor.
  • TIP: Newer epoxies contain detergent in the hardener, making cleanup easier.
  • Step 4: Wear rubber gloves to mix the components of the epoxy grout. There will be two or three parts: pigmented resin, hardener, and sometimes a sanded grout aggregate for color pigmenting.
  • Step 5: Choose the color of the grout, available in a variety of shades. Epoxy's hue tends not to fade or discolor over time.
  • TIP: Pick a neutral color you won't tire of quickly.
  • Step 6: Seal limestone or unglazed quarry tile before grouting as epoxy can discolor porous tile. Lay nonporous tile as usual.
  • Step 7: Use epoxy grout for tiling in the kitchen or bathroom, where its mold and mildew resistance make it preferable to cement grout, which needs sealing every few years. Epoxy needs no sealing.

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