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How to Travel as a New Couple

Traveling with someone you have started dating recently is a big step. The adventure can be exciting as long as you plan it right.


  • Step 1: Don't be afraid to admit you need a little alone time. Take a break from each other if you need it. That can mean spending an hour spent shopping while your partner takes a nap, or it can mean a whole day of solo sightseeing. Whatever you do, have fun!
  • FACT: Delta Airlines flies over 160 million customers to travel destinations every year.
  • Step 2: Be romantic. Don't let the whole trip be consumed with planning. Find a nice restaurant for a romantic dinner and stay in your hotel for at least one night and order room service.
  • Step 3: Budget what you will spend, and who will be spending it. As a new couple, you are financially independent from one another, so it is important to decide who will be buying which dinners and paying for accommodations.
  • TIP: Don't test the relationship on the road. Only travel with someone that you know you get along with.
  • Step 4: Plan what you want to do. There are a lot of vacation activities -- from mountain-climbing to nightclub hopping. Figure out what kinds of adventures you both want to get into.
  • Step 5: Recognize that it might be difficult. If you are a very new couple or only used to spending a few nights a week together, being together all the time for an extended period will be a change.

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