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How to Turn a Sweater into a Pair of Boots

Breathe life into that old sweater by turning into a stylish and unique pair of boots.


  • Step 1: Turn cuffs right side out, with the hem at the bottom, and affix the applique or a patch to one of the cuffs to add a little flair.
  • Step 2: Cut 10 inches from the bottom of the sweater and cut the piece in half for boot cuffs. Fit the cuffs around your calf, inside out, and pin them in place. Cut off the excess and stitch along the pinned line.
  • Step 3: Tuck the cuff into the boot leg with the hem towards the foot and the patch touching the side of the boot leg. Sew the top edge of the boot leg and cuff edge together.
  • Step 4: Turn the cuffs out over the top of the boot and apply the button for extra detail at the back. Take your new boots out for a test walk and show off your craftiness.
  • FACT: J. L. Coombs, founded in 1830, is the oldest shoe company in the United States and owns the Ugg, Croc, and Birkenstock brands.
  • Step 5: Turn the sleeve right side out up over the shoe and try on. If the fit is not to your liking, re-pin and stitch up the leg portion again.
  • TIP: The outside of the sleeve should be glued against the outer edge of the sole and will fold up over the shoe to create a clean folded edge.
  • TIP: The sweater cuff should be at the top of the leg with the cut edge of the sleeve over your foot.
  • Step 6: Put on a cheap pair of flats. Turn the sleeve inside out and put the sleeve over your shoe and leg.
  • Step 7: Pull the sleeve tight against your leg and foot and pin the excess flap away from the leg and heel. It should be form-fitted against the leg and foot. Then, remove the sleeve from your leg, keeping it inside out.
  • Step 8: Stitch along the pinned line, using a zigzag stitch and matching thread, and remove the excess fabric.
  • Step 9: Fit the sole of the shoe into the bottom of the cut edge of the sleeve and hot glue the edge of the foot portion of the sleeve to the bottom edge of the shoe.
  • Step 10: Cut the sleeves off of an old sweater at the shoulder seam, leaving the sleeve intact.

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