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How To Turn Flared Jeans Into Skinny Ones

Get up to speed with the skinny jean trend using those golden oldies.


  • Step 1: Put on your jeans inside out and stand in front of a mirror.
  • Step 2: Mark the spot where you want to start thinning the legs with a piece of chalk or a pen.
  • TIP: If your jeans are less fitted in the thighs, you can start there, but most jeans can be thinned starting at the knee.
  • Step 3: Pull the excess fabric away from the outside of one leg. Use straight pins to gather the extra fabric and make it tight against your leg.
  • Step 4: Take the jeans off, being careful not to stick yourself with the pins.
  • Step 5: Lay the jeans on the table and, using the ruler, draw a line down the leg to mark a new seam. Use the straight pins as a guide for this line.
  • Step 6: Put the jeans on your sewing machine and sew along the marked line, starting at the top. Remove the pins as you go.
  • TIP: Begin at the original side seam and work diagonally down to the hem. Backstitch at both ends of your new seam to prevent it from pulling.
  • Step 7: Try on the jeans and see how they fit. If they need adjusting or have a lump at the knee, pin the extra fabric and sew another seam.
  • Step 8: Trim the extra fabric from the leg with the scissors.
  • Step 9: Repeat the process with the other leg and then show off your new skinny jeans.
  • FACT: Bing Crosby loved jeans so much that in 1951, Levi's made a custom denim tuxedo jacket for him.

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