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How to Understand Men

What makes the male brain tick? Improve your relationship by learning what researchers who have studied male behavior have to say.


  • Step 1: Want a man to share his feelings with you? Join him in an activity you both enjoy. Many men are more apt to bond through shared experiences rather than words.
  • FACT: 80% of never-married women ages 20-29 believe that a husband who can communicate about his deepest feelings is more desirable than one who makes a good living.
  • Step 2: Respect his routines. Most men find comfort in small daily rituals.
  • Step 3: Realize why your guy withdraws when you have a fight. Men tend to suffer more physiological stress than women during relationship spats, prompting them to walk away to calm down.
  • TIP: Feeling picked on has a powerfully negative effect on men's libidos: a common reason that men withhold sex from their wives is because they're angry about being criticized or controlled, according to one report.
  • Step 4: Don't misinterpret his silence. While women tend to respond to statements to demonstrate they're listening, men are more likely to listen quietly, which can give the impression they're not paying attention. And don't assume there's something wrong if your man doesn't feel like talking; many men find comfort in companionable silence.
  • Step 5: Understand why men dread the words, "we need to talk." Researchers say men are hypersensitive to failure and embarrassment. So when a woman indicates she's about to voice complaints, he reacts with shame manifested as anger.

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