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How to Upload Content with Amazon Kindle's Publishing Program

If you're a publisher or an author, you can upload your e-book, blog, or other original content to Amazon's Publishing Program for the Kindle Platform.


  • Step 1: Enter a price for your content, including the delivery fee. Select a royalty option, allowing Amazon a share in any sales.
  • TIP: For books previously published with an ISBN number, you can link the Kindle edition to the book edition on Amazon.
  • Step 2: Try the Publishing for Blogs Program to make your blog's feed available to the Kindle Store. Publish your own stuff and never get a rejection letter again.
  • FACT: In a 2009 dispute with publishers, Amazon remotely and electronically deleted e-book editions of George Orwell's _1984_ from paying customers' Kindles.
  • Step 3: Sign into your Digital Text Platform, or DTP, account. Click on My Shelf, and then click Add New Item. Enter the content title and description, and click Save.
  • Step 4: Download Kindle Previewer, a graphic user interface tool that allows you to preview how your content will display on Kindle devices.
  • Step 5: Convert your content to a format compatible with Kindle's Digital Text Platform, like plain text, HTML, Microsoft Word, and PDF.
  • TIP: Consider using a conversion service to convert a larger work to a Kindle-compatible format.
  • Step 6: Create an Amazon account if you don't have one. Get a Digital Text Platform account only if you want to track your publishing and sales activities.
  • Step 7: Know the Kindle platform's advantages. It charges no publishing fees, it is a secure content delivery platform, and includes customer management and billing services.

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