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How to Use a Kickboard for a Water Workout

Kickboard training is a great leg strengthening and aerobic exercise workout that benefits novices and expert swimmers alike. Use these kickboard moves to stay in tip-top form.


  • Step 1: Add resistance by holding the kickboard in the water, but at a right angle.
  • Step 2: Concentrate on your upper body by placing the kickboard between your legs and doing laps. It forces you to squeeze your legs together and gives you a great upper and lower body workout at the same time.
  • Step 3: Flip over onto your back and try kicking while you hold the kickboard directly above your head, out of the water. This advanced move will challenge even advanced swimmers. Continue with these exercises to stay in great shape.
  • FACT: Swimming became an Olympic sport for men in 1896, with the 100-meter and 1500-meter freestyle competitions held in open water.
  • Step 4: Try adding fins but upping your pace. Try to take 45 seconds off eight sets of 25 meters, one minute and five seconds off your four sets of 50 meters, and so on.
  • TIP: Work steadily on the way up the pyramid but try to get faster on the way down.
  • TIP: Each lap of a standard pool is 25 meters, so a set that calls for 50 meters is two laps.
  • Step 5: Get in position, pushing the kickboard out in front of you until your arms are completely straight. Rest your forearms on the board while gripping the sides of the board evenly with your hands.
  • Step 6: Do kick pyramids with either front crawl, back stroke, or breast stroke leg kicks. Start with eight repetitions of 25 meters with a 10 second rest. Follow it with four reps of 50 meters and a 15 second rest. Next, do two reps of 100 meters with a 15 second rest. And finally, swim one 200 meter with a 30 second rest.
  • Step 7: Go directly back down the pyramid, doing two sets of 100 meters, four sets of 50 meters, and eight sets of 25 meters with the same rest time between sets.
  • Step 8: Warm-up by swimming a 100-meter freestyle, which is typically four laps.

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