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How To Use a Snow Blower

Take good care of your snow blower or it’s back to shovels and lumbar pain.


  • Step 1: Once you return to your starting point, go to the other side of your original path, and blow the snow from that side.
  • TIP: Always make sure you’re blowing snow away from the area you’ve finished clearing.
  • Step 2: When you reach the end, turn the snow blower around and blow the snow on one side of the path you just cleared.
  • Step 3: Continue alternating sides until the target area is clear.
  • TIP: If something jams your snow blower’s chute, shut it down and wait for all moving parts to come to a complete stop before clearing the obstruction. If you need to, use a broom handle—not your hands or feet.
  • FACT: The average life of a snow blower is nine years, according to the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute.
  • Step 4: When you’re done, prevent icing by running the blower for a few minutes, which helps dry it out.
  • TIP: Always use both hands, and make sure there’s enough light for you to see where you’re going.
  • Step 5: Begin by clearing a path through the middle of the area you want to clean, from one end to the other. Make sure to avoid all toys, branches, hoses, and electrical cords.
  • TIP: Never smoke while operating a gas-powered blower.
  • Step 6: Make sure your snow blower is charged if it’s electric or fueled up if it’s gas-powered.
  • Step 7: Read through your snow blower’s operating manual.
  • Step 8: Take your blower outside and survey the area that you want to clear—then adjust the chute so that it will blow the snow in the direction that you want.
  • TIP: If your blower is loud, put in earplugs. And avoid loose clothing that could get caught in the blower.
  • TIP: Your operating manual will tell you if you need to prime your snow blower’s engine. If so, follow your operating manual’s instructions EXACTLY.
  • Step 9: Start the snow blower according to your model’s operating instructions.
  • : Always unplug or turn off a snow blower before trying to clear a clog—and never stick your hands or feet into the blower.

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