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How to Use an Autotuner

Learn how to use an autotuner -- audio-editing software used to electronically correct off-key performance mistakes.


  • Step 1: Experiment to familiarize yourself with autotuner settings. For example, set Retune Speed to zero, and your vocal track will adjust to the nearest correct note.
  • Step 2: Save your autotuner settings and name the preset effect. You'll be able to apply the saved preset to other performance clips. Rock on!
  • FACT: Andy Hildebrand's Auto-Tune invention was based on software that he wrote to interpret underground seismic data for the oil industry.
  • TIP: Some recording artists use an autotuner for special sound effects rather than for correcting off-key performance mistakes.
  • Step 3: Learn about the autotuner controls. You can set a performance's key and scale, and you can track pitch.
  • TIP: Make sure your computer meets the software's minimum system requirements.
  • Step 4: Download and install an autotuner plug-in. Freeware alternatives to the Auto-Tune brand are available online.
  • Step 5: Open your autotuner separately, or open it using your audio editing program. Then open a prerecorded vocal or solo instrumental track with the autotuner program.
  • Step 6: Install audio-editing software that's fully compatible with the autotuner plug-in. Pro Tools and LogicPro are compatible audio editors.

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