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How To Use Face and Body Glitter

Add a little sparkle to your beauty routine, particularly for a special occasion.


  • TIP: If any glitter falls onto your face, lift it off with a piece of clear tape.
  • Step 1: Get dressed before applying body glitter so it doesn't get on your clothes. With powder glitter, dip a large makeup brush or a powder puff into it, shake off excess, and apply to exposed areas you want to highlight – shoulders, collarbone, back, and the tops of your legs and feet. Or rub a quarter-sized amount of glitter gel into your hands and stroke it onto target areas. Err on the side of less glitter; you can always add more.
  • Step 2: When you're done, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • FACT: Did you know? Ancient Egyptians crushed iridescent beetle shells to use as eye glitter.
  • Step 3: If you're using a glitter powder, dampen a small makeup brush and dip it in the glitter. If you're using gel, dip a dry brush into it. Press the brush wherever you want a little sparkle – above the lash line, at the outer corners of the eyes, under brows, or across the tops of your cheeks.
  • Step 4: Shower, moisturize, and do your makeup before breaking out the glitter. Use cream shadow if you're planning to add glitter around your eyes; it will help keep it in place and prevent flaking.
  • Step 5: Use glitter made specifically for cosmetic purposes. Most are body or face specific, so get the right type. Some makeup products come with glitter already in them.
  • Step 6: Choose a color that complements your skin tone, makeup, and clothes. Gold shades enhance warmer complexions and dark clothes; silver colors work well with cool complexions and lighter clothes. Iridescent glitters and green tones are universally flattering.
  • TIP: Only wear glitter at night; daylight makes it look garish.
  • : Never use craft glitter on your body, especially around your eyes. It may contain glass, metal, and plastic particles that can cause long-term damage.

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