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How To Use iBrickr

Don't sweat the fact that you don't have a Mac! Windows users can add custom applications and ringtones to an iPhone in just a few steps using iBrickr.


  • Step 1: Select Applications from the main screen to manage apps; a list of apps will appear on the right. Download new apps by going to pxl-dot-googlecode-dot-com to see a list of pxl files. Download the pxl app file to your local system, select Install Application from iBrickr, find the file, and select it.
  • Step 2: Click on Ringtones on the main screen to manage ringtones; a list of installed ringtones will appear in a box on the right side of the screen. Click Upload to install an audio file in any format as a ringtone. To delete a ringtone, click the red minus button next to it.
  • TIP: In addition to, you can go to for other pxl packages.
  • Step 3: Delete applications the same way you delete ringtones -- by clicking on the red minus button to the right of the file.
  • FACT: In a 2009 customer satisfaction survey by J.D. Power and Associates, Apple's iPhone ranked the highest among all smart phones.
  • Step 4: Press the power button to restart the phone. When the Apple logo appears, press the power button and the home button at the same time until a yellow triangle appears. iBrickr will start installing the software; click on OK from the error message that appears in iTunes but do not click Restore. When the download is complete, iBrickr will display a "Modification Success" screen; click on the large button labeled Sweet to continue.
  • Step 5: Click on the Check Again button in iBrickr. The screen "Running Jailbreak" will appear and it will ask you to restart your phone; power the phone off by holding down the power button at the top and sliding the red slider icon.
  • TIP: It's a good idea to name your folder C:/ibrickr.
  • Step 6: Go to the folder using Run or Windows Explorer and double-click on ibrickr-dot-exe. The first time you access this file, it will instruct you to free your iPhone. Plug in your iPhone, open iTunes, and click the Restore button in iTunes to download the iPhone firmware.
  • Step 7: Unplug your phone once the download starts in iTunes. When the download is finished, click away the error message, close iTunes, and plug your phone back in.
  • TIP: Unplug your phone before the download finishes to avoid erasing your phone.
  • Step 8: Go to, find the download link, and download the program to your computer. Extract all the files to a single folder.

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