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How to Use Patterned Scrapbook Backgrounds

Jazzing up your scrapbook with a patterned background is an easy way to make your keepsakes stand out.


  • Step 1: Contrast with the background in your titles, accents, and anything else you put on the page. You can frame the picture shapes underneath it or simply add a splash of contrasting color to draw the eye across the page. You want the viewer to get lost in the memories, not the background.
  • FACT: Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell developed the world's first color photo in 1861 -- it was of a tartan ribbon.
  • Step 2: Frame the page with a contrasting color to define the space. Busy patterns can draw the eye right over the edge of the page, but a frame can stop that effect.
  • Step 3: Get busy with a page. Don't feel like you have to be minimalistic with the page just because you are using a patterned background. This can work especially well if you have a small picture that you want to be the only photo on the page.
  • Step 4: Use space on the page wisely. You want to offset the pictures from the background. If you feel that the background is taking away from the centerpiece, try moving it around on the page. It might be a sidepiece and not a centerpiece at all!
  • TIP: Mat pictures that have similar colors to the background to make them jump out.
  • Step 5: Relate the theme of your page to the pattern of a background. For a camping trip page, use a background with a leaf pattern, or use a sandy background for a beach-themed page.

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