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How to Use Superstitions to Benefit Your Favorite Sports Teams

It might sound crazy, and maybe it is, but there are a lot of sports fans who believe that things they do can have an impact on their favorite athlete or team. Here are some things you can try to bring your team good luck.


  • Step 1: Develop a ritual that you perform every game day. Eat only one kind of food or hold onto a lucky charm through the whole game. You don't want to think that it might have been you who cost your team a victory.
  • FACT: The phrase "Curse of the Bambino," referring to the supposed curse that for 86 years kept the Boston Red Sox from winning a major league baseball championship, didn't become common until 1986 and Bill Buckner's 10th-inning error in Game 6 of the World Series.
  • TIP: Some athletes are fond of not washing their uniforms if they are on a hot streak. You could follow this rule with your lucky piece of clothing also -- just don't expect anyone to sit by you.
  • Step 2: Wear an article of clothing that you consider lucky. Did your favorite golfer have an amazing day when you wore your plaid boxers? Wear them every time they golf.
  • TIP: Don't wear a jersey with the number 13. This shouldn't be hard, as most athletes refuse to wear 13.
  • Step 3: Grow a beard if your team has made it into their playoffs. This started as a hockey tradition but has since moved into other sports. This, of course, only applies to men.
  • Step 4: Keep quiet if your baseball pitcher is in the midst of throwing a no-hitter. No one should mention that it is a no-hitter, especially not to the pitcher.

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