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How to Use Twitter to Market Your Home-Based Business

You don't need a corporate storefront or a marketing division to advertise your products and services. Learn how to tweet your way to more customers!


  • Step 1: Reply to customers or potential customers in a tweet with the "at" symbol to start a dialogue and have your tweet show up on their page. The goal is to get people to your Twitter page and to entice them to follow you.
  • Step 2: Add tags or annotations to your posts for topics and events you want to be associated with. Create your own or copy ideas from other users and business partners.
  • Step 3: Keep building your Twitter network and you will likely see your customer base grow as a result. Even if Twitter doesn't get you business directly, it will increase your visibility and may drive customers to you through word of mouth.
  • FACT: In 2010, the World Cup generated the longest sustained activity in the history of Twitter, with the website measuring 2,000 tweets per second during final 15 minutes of the games.
  • Step 4: Click on the plus sign on a user's Twitter page to follow them. Follow people you know, friendly businesses, potential customers, and other interesting, active Twitterers.
  • TIP: Keep your updates, called tweets, punchy to stay within the 140-character limit Twitter requires. Use a free online URL shortener to shorten links in your tweets.
  • Step 5: Design a professional looking profile page with a close-up photo or logo that looks good in the small avatar box. Describe your business and put your contact information in the bio section.
  • TIP: Incorporate any additional important information, such as your hours, into your profile page by designing a custom background image with graphic editing software.
  • Step 6: Update frequently -- but not too frequently -- with sales offers, helpful industry tips, and other interesting thoughts appropriate to your business type.
  • Step 7: Choose a catchy user name that incorporates your business name or a primary keyword, such as your product.

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