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How to Volunteer for Roadside Cleaning

Volunteering for roadside cleaning can be a great way to promote environmentally responsible practices in your neighborhood.


  • Step 1: Pick up the trash with pick-up sticks, and put the trash into the bags for later removal.
  • TIP: Ask whether the equipment is yours to hold on to, or on loan for the pick-up period only.
  • TIP: Refrain from picking up large or dangerous objects. Instead, report these objects to your coordinator.
  • Step 2: Fill out your activity report after the pick up so that your coordinator knows that the roadside cleaning has been completed.
  • FACT: In Mississippi, roadside litter costs taxpayers an average of $2 million a year.
  • Step 3: Pick up the safety equipment required for roadside cleaning from the coordinator's office or the local maintenance office. Equipment often includes vests and trash bags.
  • Step 4: Find out the number of times per year you must participate in roadside cleaning, and whether there are designated dates and times.
  • TIP: Check your state's department of transportation website for information on adopting a stretch of highway.
  • Step 5: Follow the guidelines for the minimum and maximum number of people required in each group and age restrictions and requirements.
  • Step 6: Choose the name you would like to appear on the roadside sign announcing your efforts. Use the name of your family or organization, or dedicate it to the memory of a loved one.
  • Step 7: Participate in any safety training the department of transportation requires. Often, you are asked to watch a safety video.
  • Step 8: Contact your state or local coordinator about volunteering for roadside cleaning. They will provide you with registrations forms and an agreement to fill out and sign.

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