How to Wear Male Jeggings

Guys, want pants that look like skinny jeans with the comfort of leggings? Try male jeggings for the best of both worlds.


  • TIP: If necessary, use double-sided tape to hold your package in place.
  • Step 1: Ready to go out? See if you can carry essential items in your male jeggings' pockets as long as it doesn't look too bulky. Or, you can always carry a murse -- a male purse!
  • FACT: During the Renaissance, men wore quilted leggings underneath their suits of armor.
  • Step 2: Before going out in jeggings in public, find a way to make your manhood less noticeable. Wear boxer briefs to contain your bulge.
  • Step 3: Walk around. Enjoy the full range of motion that comes with wearing such soft, thin, and stretchy material.
  • TIP: Because they look like skinny jeans, male leggings are also called jeggings or meggings.
  • Step 4: Try them on. The material should adhere to your body and accentuate your masculine curves without causing cramps or chafing like tight denim.
  • Step 5: Embrace the look. As opposed to standard leggings or tights, male leggings-pants resemble jeans and are looser at the ankles. Check out colors and styles that suit your taste.

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