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How To Wear Men's Cologne

Don't be the guy with the offensive odor. Follow this advice to get that scent right and to smell your best everyday.


  • TIP: Choose a lighter scent, even at night, if you will be in a crowded place.
  • Step 1: Coordinate your fragrance with your mood. The lighter citrus scents are known to improve your mood. Now spray on your cologne, lightly, and walk into the crowd with confidence.
  • FACT: Jean-Marie Farina invented Eau de Cologne, or "water from Cologne," in Cologne, Germany, in the 18th century.
  • Step 2: Switch colognes depending on the time of day. Choose a light and fresh citrus or wood-based scent for daytime and a heavier musky scent for nighttime.
  • Step 3: . Test on your skin and leave on all day before purchasing. The ph level of your skin will affect the way the cologne smells.
  • TIP: Do not mix fragrances between your cologne, aftershave, deodorant, or hair products. Stick to one scent, whether it's musk, spice, or something else.
  • Step 4: Apply cologne after you shower, and never to cover up body odor. It will only become a noxious combination of cologne and B.O.
  • Step 5: Keep it light. Never exceed two sprays or finger applications.

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