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How to Win at Guess Who?

"Guess Who?" is a game about observational skills. Let your opponent observe your board game prowess using strategies to succeed.


  • Step 1: Wait patiently to ask about a specific character. If you guess a name and you're wrong, your opponent wins. If you follow these tips, though, you won't be guessing at all.
  • FACT: The original name of the Canadian rock band The Guess Who was Al and the Silvertones.
  • Step 2: Eliminate as many people as you can at a time. This doesn't mean looking for a characteristic that most of the remaining candidates share. It means looking for something that a little over half share. If you have nine people left and eight are women but five have glasses and four don't, ask about the glasses. That way, if you are wrong you still can knock down four rather than just one.
  • TIP: If you are playing against someone skilled, go ahead and ask about a trait your character has. It will throw them off.
  • Step 3: Ask a question that does not apply to your person, or at least not something that only applies to your person and a couple others.
  • Step 4: Gauge the level of expertise your opponent has with the game. This will help you decide which strategy will work.

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