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How to Win at Ring Toss

Revel in the envious looks of fellow fair-goers eyeing the giant stuffed animal you're proudly toting after using these tips to win at ring toss.


  • Step 1: Fire off the ring, quickly snapping your wrist as you release the ring. This will cause it to spin and stabilize the ring, increasing your odds for a clean landing on the target.
  • Step 2: Experiment throwing it from different heights. Try gauging the speed and height of your throw so that the ring falls on the target from directly above. Also try tossing the ring end over end, which will limit the surface area that can ricochet off the other bottles. With a little practice, you'll be hauling home a big payoff.
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  • Step 3: Aim for one of the bottles on the outer edges. Fewer bottles around your target means less interference from neighboring bottles.
  • TIP: The ring must land flat on the bottle or it will ricochet off two bottle tops and bounce off.
  • Step 4: Ask questions about the rules before you play. Make sure you know the fault line location, how many rings you get to toss for the price, and how many wins it takes to get the largest prizes.
  • TIP: It usually takes several wins to walk away with a large prize.
  • Step 5: Ready the ring in you hand, holding it in your dominant hand between your thumb and forefinger, like a Frisbee, with your hand and wrist straight.
  • Step 6: Know what you're up against. Carnival games like the ring toss usually cost very little to play and offer larger prizes, enticing buyers to buy more tries. The targets are either soda bottles or wooden posts placed closely together to make it difficult to land the ring cleanly without hitting adjacent bottles or posts.

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