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How To Write Car Reviews

You love cars and talk about them all the time. Get paid to advise people on what to expect if they're buying one and use your eye for the important aspects of a good driving experience.


  • Step 1: Document what the road conditions were while you drove. Slick, dry, potholed, or wet surfaces have to be accounted for in your report to accurately communicate the car's ability to maneuver.
  • TIP: Supply information or a link for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's test of the vehicle, to aid your reader in making their own decision.
  • Step 2: Finish by revising the introductory paragraph to telegraph your findings. The last paragraph should conclude with an opinion that embodies a warning, an endorsement, or your friendly advice. You've helped consumers make discerning decisions.
  • FACT: Ford Motor Company has the record for the biggest recall ever, completed in 2009. Over 14 million units were repaired over 10 years that included vehicles from as far back as 1993.
  • Step 3: Compare vehicles but don't overdo it and avoid using two different classes of car. Your reliability depends on how balanced you are in your praise -- don't shy from listing negative aspects.
  • Step 4: Provide objective, fair, and detailed observations from your research and your driving, rather than generalizing with words like "great" and "easy." Use metaphors to further make your review easy to visualize.
  • Step 5: Highlight fuel consumption and equipment, including the type of engine, exterior design, interior feel, and what types of accessories are available.
  • TIP: Make it easy to follow by organizing the review in paragraphs devoted to performance, comfort, history, look, and test drive.
  • Step 6: Drive the car and put it through some paces to fairly evaluate handling, response, safety, sound, and braking. Be tougher on it than a normal driver might be in everyday traffic and report your impressions.
  • Step 7: Know your audience before you start, so that you can address their needs and answer what questions you anticipate in a clear, intelligent manner when you write your car review. Post the reviews online initially for money.

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