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How to Write Messages Into Your Manicure

Join a growing trend of inscribing words and designs onto fingernails to create a manicure with a message and a new way of expressing your personality.


  • Step 1: Apply a topcoat of clear nail polish over decorated nails. Now, flash your hands to spread your message without speaking a single word.
  • FACT: An expletive inscribed onto Lindsay Lohan's fingernail drew national headlines following her July 2010 court appearance.
  • Step 2: Allow the ink to dry and embellish your messages with accents of rhinestones or glitter.
  • TIP: If you're not ambidextrous, have a friend help with the opposite hand.
  • Step 3: Allow the base coat to thoroughly dry.
  • Step 4: Inscribe your messages freehand or with a stencil using a nail art pen according to the manufacturer's instructions, or with a fine point permanent marker. Rest the pinkie of your writing hand on the opposite hand for steadiness.
  • Step 5: Apply a base coat of nail polish to your fingernails in the color of your choice.

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