How To Write Reviews Of Xbox 360 Games

If you're tired of reading negative reviews of your favorite video games, these steps will help give those experts in magazines a run for their money.


  • Step 1: Start a blog of your favorite reviews or games, or locate a website online that will share in royalties so you can get paid for your hard work.
  • Step 2: Be honest and forthright with your audience -- they will always appreciate your candor and ability to offer each game a fair shake.
  • FACT: Gaming on social networks has advanced with 200 million people playing games on Facebook alone each month.
  • Step 3: Use strong adjectives and verbs to clearly relate the game's playing potential.
  • Step 4: Target the right audience for the game and genre as Xbox 360 users can range from pre-teens all the way to older adults.
  • Step 5: Write a brief summary about your character in the game as well as the goal or task you are expected to complete.
  • TIP: Avoid spoiling the ending or revealing any plot twists.
  • Step 6: List all the details such as the genre, number of players, release date, and the parental rating as some games may be inappropriate for young gamers.

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