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How to Write Wedding Thank You Notes

Personalize your notes and graciously acknowledge the joy that each wedding gift brought you with these tips.


  • Step 1: Thank everyone by writing a note to each person involved in your wedding and guests who gave gifts or money. Make out individual notes for neighbors who helped out, as well as for suppliers, vendors, and attendants.
  • Step 2: Describe the gift with a few appreciative words about the gift's usefulness, even if it's the third toaster. Relate how a gift of money will be used, too.
  • Step 3: Be sincere; don't overdo it by insisting that the gift is the most beautiful gift ever. Mentioning that you might return something is poor form and should never be done.
  • FACT: Wealthy steel baron Lakshmi Mittal sent 20-page wedding invitations to 1,200 people for his daughter's wedding.
  • Step 4: Begin each note relating your genuine appreciation for seeing or talking to the person instead of just a quick thanks for the present. Let them know they matter before mentioning their gift.
  • Step 5: Get organized and divide tasks, working from an accurate list of names and gifts, checking them off as you go so as not to miss anyone.
  • TIP: Don't shortcut your obligations by writing e-mails or posts to social network web pages. Don't thank people over the phone, either, to quickly dispense with the duty.
  • Step 6: Stick with sober blue or black inks. Personalized handwritten thanks convey the same courtesy and generosity shown to you. Address the envelopes by hand as well.
  • Step 7: Write the note well within three months of the receipt of your gift, and within days if the gift is received before the wedding. Pace yourself and finish three or four notes a day until you're done.
  • Step 8: Check out a host of stationery samples and pick quality wedding stationary instead of fill-in-the-blank cards or cookie-cutter, impersonal, pre-printed message cards that require only your signature.

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