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What Are the Best Products for Black Skin?

Learn the best products for black skin from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So one of my favorite products for African American skin is the William Tuttle spot cover. I love it. It's like a pot of magic coal and it really works to help with correcting dark circles.

So if you suffer with dark circles and you want them gone for good, or at least temporarily when you go out at night, then you need to invest in the William Tuttle spot cover. It's really a great product for covering those dark circles.

So the Embryolisse Hydrating Cream Mask is really great because it moisturizes the skin and leaves the skin with a really great glow, and hydrates and leaves the skin feeling really supple and soft. And it's really great for applying foundation.

So I really love the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. You put this right under the eye before you do any eye shadows and it really, really makes your eye look really clean and gives you that flawless finish, like Kim Kardashian.

OCC lip tars are full of highly concentrated lip color. Wear them bold. Wear them shear. You can customize and be the master of your own universe. I love them.

So the Three Custom Color Concealer Palette is really great for contouring and customizing your own foundation shades.

So finally, at the top of my list is the O-Gloss from Smashbox because it intuitively figures out what shade of paint works with your natural lip color.

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